TheaterCamp 4 Kids & TheaterClass 4 Kids!
Learn Broadway acting, dance and creative, inspiring fun where kids can be kids!


Laura's Theater Camp is a wonderful program for kids of all ages and what's best is there's no theater experience required, you just come and have fun! My daughter started when she was 4 yrs old and now she's 6. She loves doing it with her friends from other schools. It's a great mix of kids. Laura has so much creative and positive energy and really helps the children focus, learn songs, recite lines from favorite musicals and Shakespeare, do mock auditions, and learn dance routines-all while having tons of fun and building their confidence and self-esteem with friends. My favorite part is coming to pick up and watching them perform something they learned at camp that day. They're so proud to show the parents! 


Lisa C., Westport mom